Art for Advance – Adding Insult to Injury

One of the more tragic discoveries made in my many years as a therapist is the frequent cohabitation of do-goodery and art. Although each is bad enough separately, when combined they form an unholy cocktail of dysfunction that cries out for my brilliant and high-priced intervention.

That is why when I heard about the Advance Memphis fundraiser, Art for Advance, I raced to the scene to offer my services.

You might think that Advance Memphis has already done enough harm to the community by targeting inner-city residents for its job training, financial literacy courses, and job placement services without peddling art to pay for it all.

And you’d be right. But you wouldn’t be thinking like a do-gooder. No, for trouble-makers like Steve Nash and the Advance crew, doing good is never good enough.

That philosophy was quite apparent when I arrived at the event. The walls were packed with paintings and photographs and the halls were crowded with people eager to buy them.

Since the crowd showed no restraint in enabling the misguided efforts of Advance, I decided to restrain a few of them myself, but they were a determined bunch and I was eventually reduced to dispensing therapeutic glares to the attendees as they entered and post-traumatic counseling as they left.

Find more incriminating photos in the patient gallery and on Flickr.

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