Kicking the Habit – CASA Kickball Tournament – Video

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Despite my many interventions at charity sporting events, the life of fighting do-goodery is not all fun and games. There’s often dirt, sweat, and sudden blows to the head.

Nothing could better illustrate this point than my recent therapy of Memphis CASA at their annual fundraising Kickball tournament.  It was at this misguided match, while beating the do-gooders at their own game, that tragedy struck.

And by tragedy, I mean the other team.

Apparently, CASA’s mission to care for neglected and abused children in Memphis just doesn’t apply to brilliant grown therapists like myself, for while I was rounding the bases – headed to certain victory, a desperate opponent beaned my in the brain with the game ball.

But if you think that impact stopped me from continuing to home plate, then you have a lot to learn about Toboggans tenacity.

See it all for yourself in the video above and find many more incriminating photos in the patient gallery.

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