Marvin Stockwell and Rock For Love – Podcast 004

Welcome back to the Mind Over Memphis TherapyCast. In this fourth burst of audio-pathic therapy, my podcast is hijacked by the nefarious Marvin Stockwell of the Church Health Center in order to announce the Rock For Love music-festival fundraiser.

Listen in stunned disbelief as:

  • Stockwell recounts the seemingly endless list of bands that will be infecting the festival. (4:35)
  • The silent auction merchandise is announced – including the brand new Mind Over Memphis prescription shirt-like garment.(14:15)
  • The hot-headed hooligans of Memphis Roller Derby are entrusted with guarding the loot. (a bad call if ever there was one)(6:15)
  • Your Doctor is lured into hosting the Friday show through entrapment and false advertising. (2:30)

Remember my patients, even though I’ve been tricked into facilitating this event, you must fight your powerful instincts to rush out and see me. I am merely the irresistible bait in the Church Health Center’s trap.

Vital Stats:
What: Rock For Love 5
When: August 18-21
Where: The Hi-Tone, 1913 Poplar Ave.
How Much:  $5 Thurs, $10 Fri-Sun
Exact times, bonus free show, and other enticing details: here

Listen Here:

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