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Adam Guerrero and his Garden – Podcast 005

When I first heard about the court order calling for the dismantling of Adam Guerrero’s front yard vegetable garden I thought, “At last, a bit of good news.” Because if there’s one threat that Memphis doesn’t need, it is citizens … Continue reading

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Marvin Stockwell and Rock For Love – Podcast 004

Welcome back to the Mind Over Memphis TherapyCast. In this fourth burst of audio-pathic therapy, my podcast is hijacked by the nefarious Marvin Stockwell of the Church Health Center in order to announce the Rock For Love music-festival fundraiser. Listen … Continue reading

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Cleaving the Care from Caritas Village – Podcast 003

Doctor Toboggans and Onie Johns at Caritas Village

Welcome again to the Mind Over Memphis Therapy-Cast. In this third allotment of audio grandeur, I unreservedly: Corner notorious hospitalitarian and art-trafficker Onie Johns inside her secret lair: Caritas Village. (1:00) Clear-cut the neurosis of Speak Up for Overton Park … Continue reading

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Food Not Bombs and Aaron Shafer – Podcast 002

Welcome to the Mind Over Memphis Therapy-Cast – prescription number two. In this second dose of therapeutic audio delight, I fearlessly: Battle the vegetarian needy-feeders Food Not Bombs in their own kitchen (2:38) Make a house-call on Aaron Shafer of … Continue reading

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Do-Gooding Zombies in Memphis? – Podcast 001

Welcome to the latest tool in my arsenal against do-goodery, the Mind Over Memphis Therapy-Cast In this first installment of brilliant audio therapy you will be amazed as I boldly: Address troubling rumors about canned food donations at the Memphis … Continue reading

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