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Art for Advance – Adding Insult to Injury

One of the more tragic discoveries made in my many years as a therapist is the frequent cohabitation of do-goodery and art. Although each is bad enough separately, when combined they form an unholy cocktail of dysfunction that cries out … Continue reading

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Shameless Do-Goodery at Cooper Young Fest

Mid-town’s annual Cooper Young Festival is a tragedy unfolding in slow motion. The unbearable profusion of art and music and sheer partyophilia is bad enough itself, but even worse is insidious way that volunteers and do-gooders seem to take up … Continue reading

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Trash Tragedy at McKellar Lake

Last Saturday, while more tolerant and civilized people were sleeping in, a mob over one-hundred vengeful do-gooders descended upon the shores of McKellar Lake intent on conquest. Students from the University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University, as well as … Continue reading

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Kicking the Habit – CASA Kickball Tournament – Video

Despite my many interventions at charity sporting events, the life of fighting do-goodery is not all fun and games. There’s often dirt, sweat, and sudden blows to the head. Nothing could better illustrate this point than my recent therapy of … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Wresting Time

It was Friday night at Rock For Love and the stage was set for vengeance. The pieces were all in place: the kiddie pool, my nemesis Kerry Crawford, and 30 gallons of spaghetti. The crowd grew through the night as … Continue reading

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This is Memphis Portrait Exhibition – Life Imitates Art

Once in a great while, from amid the mental wasteland of the city, a bold and towering idea emerges like a cellphone of brilliance in a darkened theater. Such was the case when Michael Cardwell first captured the greatness and … Continue reading

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