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The Art of Science – Creating a Monster

In my experience, when art and science meet there is usually a violent collision, leaving the artist cured, chastened, and looking for more respectable work as an IRS agent or mafia enforcer. Yes my patients, in my world science is … Continue reading

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City Breaks Ground on Memphis Skate Park

One of the time-honored principals that I’ve built my practice upon is that exercise, happiness, and health are no substitute for therapy. So I when I got word that the city of Memphis was breaking ground on a public skate … Continue reading

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Zombies Collect 500 Pounds of Food for Food Bank

Harold Toboggans blocking food donations

In some cities, the life of a zombie is filled with simple pleasures – shuffling, groaning, having people over for lunch. But not in Memphis. Here, even formerly deceased citizens can’t seem to rest unless they are are helping the … Continue reading

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Memphis Children’s Theatre Festival – Voices of the South

Dylan Atkins and Dr Toboggans at Memphis Children’s Theatre Festival

In the world that I prescribe for all you patients, children never have to be exposed to artistry, face their own creativity, or for that matter, even go outdoors. But every year Voices of the South theatre company goes against … Continue reading

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Zombait – New from Toboggans Industries

After the stunning success of last year’s Memphis Zombie Massacre, many doubted that I could ever surpass the pinnacle of therapeutic brilliance I had displayed at that desperate gathering. And who could blame them. Between revolutionary products like Zombies Anonymous … Continue reading

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Canine Clothing – Video

It had been a long day at the Cooper Young Fest. I had cured countless people of their repulsive partyofilia, and as a brief and entirely insufficient reward for my services, I let my mighty mind wander for a bit … Continue reading

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