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Kerry Crawford – This Means War

As a psychiatric professional, it is my unpleasant duty to stay apprised of all that is inspiring, hope-enabling, and otherwise dysfunctional in this town. It is a task that has put me in contact with do-gooders of all stripes, from … Continue reading

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Hitting the Snooze on Natural Awakenings

My patients, let me share with you the Memphis of my dreams: Imagine the abrasive comfort of concrete on your skin; billowing exhaust blowing through your hair; preservatives, prescriptions, and pesticides bathing your sedentary bodies as you gather around your … Continue reading

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Overton Park – Ancient Evil or Merciless Foe?

Lurking deep in the vulnerable heart of our city lies an insidious growth, an old growth, a 342 acre mass of malice, gnawing away like an unsuspected cancer at our precious paved surfaces. Some call this ancient menace Overton Park. … Continue reading

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Memphis Cleaning Assault Imminent

My dear patients, we face a grave threat to the charm, the character and the very litter of the city. Even as I type this, swarms of do-gooders are preparing to descend upon the poor, unsuspecting rubbish of Memphis in … Continue reading

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