City Breaks Ground on Memphis Skate Park

Aaron Shafer and Harold Toboggans at Memphis Skate Park

One of the time-honored principals that I’ve built my practice upon is that exercise, happiness, and health are no substitute for therapy.

So I when I got word that the city of Memphis was breaking ground on a public skate park, I rushed to the site to intervene.

Although the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by throngs of misguided citizens, including Mayor A. C. Wharton and skatepark instigator Aaron Shafer, my heart went out to the countless children in attendance, practically guaranteed a future of exercise anarchy, enticed into flaunting gravity and the other laws of physics by unfeeling parents.

They don’t deserve to have their mental health subverted like this. They deserve better.

They deserve me.

Help me protect our youth from Skatepark Madness, get yourself up to speed on this case:

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