Episode 7: The Center Strikes Back – CHC part 3

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It’s not unusual for patients to resist my therapy, often entering protective custody to avoid treatment, but Dr Scott Morris was setting some sort of record.

I’d been all through Church Health Center Wellness, I’d tested tortuous exercise equipment, endured lard free nutritious snacks, and faced countless other indignities but still no sign of the man who put the not in the Center’s not-for-profit status.

In his absence, I found Joshua Spencer and Shelia Harrell and set about to educate them on the finer points of my genius-hood.

As I recuperate from all this health care, be sure that under no circumstances, you investigate Church Health Center Wellness for yourself.

Without my radiant intellect to guide you, you could wind up with a lifetime of illness prevention.

The Center Strikes Back

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2 Responses to Episode 7: The Center Strikes Back – CHC part 3

  1. terry says:

    Thanks supporting good health care in a funny format. I loved the tug of war conclusion.

  2. todd marriott says:

    Hilarious—“after opening a can of Geni-ass” HAHA!

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