Overton Park – Ancient Evil or Merciless Foe?

Lurking deep in the vulnerable heart of our city lies an insidious growth, an old growth, a 342 acre mass of malice, gnawing away like an unsuspected cancer at our precious paved surfaces.

Some call this ancient menace Overton Park.

I call it evil.

For over a century the park has been unopposed in its arboreal reign of terror.

But not anymore.

At long last, the good people of Memphis have said “enough” and have called a series of public meetings (and an online survey) to decide its fate.

I recommend “no mercy”

The meetings are June 25 and 28 at the Memphis College of Art. The survey is here.

Let your voice be heard. Let the tyranny be ended.

Get all the information at overtonpark.org

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2 Responses to Overton Park – Ancient Evil or Merciless Foe?

  1. Andy Ashby says:

    I liken Overton Park to the Mirkwood of Tolkien’s LOTR novels, good doctor. Glad to see you’ve brought this evil to light.

  2. admin says:

    In the light on my brilliance shadows are a thing of the past. If only Overton Park were….

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