Mind Over Memphis Podcast – Coming Soon

Logo for the Mind Over Memphis Podcast

I won’t lie to you my patients, things are looking grim in Memphis. Our city is facing an epidemic of volunteerism, community service, and other do-goodery that is unprecedented in the history of psychiatry.

But desperate times call for brilliant therapy.

That’s why I am commandeering audio devices around the world with most recent prescription of genius – the Mind Over Memphis Therapy-Cast. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology you can now administer yourself with my audio prescriptions anytime you are feeling prone to charity, whether that be in your car, at your computer, or even in the midst of displacing defenseless community litter.

Now, no matter how far you go, I can be with you, cleansing your mind with my wisdom and raw genius. Steering you clear of the neurosis of hope that grips Memphis like a shiny, happy pipe-wrench.

Welcome to the future.

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