Video – Shutting Down Rock For Love?

Although I was maliciously tricked into supporting the upcoming Rock For Love do-good-o-rama by Marvin Stockwell, I haven’t given up hope of defeating the hope-mongers and defending my reputation as a serious man of medicine.

To that end, I recently took matters into my own hands.

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I don’t understand what wrong. I followed directions step by step according to the manual.

The very same book so eagerly bestowed upon me by none other than…Kerry Crawford.

Could that Memphis-loving malcontent be responsible for my near-electrocution?

This can only mean one thing: war.

Vital Stats:
What: Rock For Love 5
When: August 18-21
Where: The Hi-Tone, 1913 Poplar Ave.
How Much: $5 Thurs, $10 Fri-Sun
Kerry Crawford: Soon to be suffering
Exact times, bonus free show, and other enticing details: here

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