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Zombies Collect 500 Pounds of Food for Food Bank

Harold Toboggans blocking food donations

In some cities, the life of a zombie is filled with simple pleasures – shuffling, groaning, having people over for lunch. But not in Memphis. Here, even formerly deceased citizens can’t seem to rest unless they are are helping the … Continue reading

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Zombait – New from Toboggans Industries

After the stunning success of last year’s Memphis Zombie Massacre, many doubted that I could ever surpass the pinnacle of therapeutic brilliance I had displayed at that desperate gathering. And who could blame them. Between revolutionary products like Zombies Anonymous … Continue reading

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Introducing The Anti-Zombie Patch – Video

“You can’t improve on perfection.” That’s what countless satisfied clients told me when I first set out to upgrade my revolutionary Zombies Anonymous twelve-step recovery program. But I would hardly be the therapist that I am today if I listened … Continue reading

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Memphis Zombie Intervention – Video

The date was April 24th, the location was Main Street and for scores of Memphis zombies it was the dawn of a new era of hope. At last, the undead denizens of the mid-south had found what they had longed … Continue reading

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Cerebitol AZ – Anti Zombie Patch

Sometimes incredible just isn’t good enough. Last May, when the revolutionary Zombies Anonymous program was introduced, it was met with rave reviews and hundreds of overjoyed customers. But Doctor Harold Toboggans wasn’t satisfied. He knew that there must be something … Continue reading

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Doctor Toboggans vs The Memphis Zombies – a Multimedia Retrospective

On April 24th Doctor Harold Toboggans, a previously thought fictional figure, made a live appearance at the third annual Memphis Zombie Massacre to promote his latest therapy product Zombies Anonymous.

Zombie Therapy

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