The Art of Science – Creating a Monster

In my experience, when art and science meet there is usually a violent collision, leaving the artist cured, chastened, and looking for more respectable work as an IRS agent or mafia enforcer.

Yes my patients, in my world science is science and art is bad. So when I heard about the Art of Science art exhibit featuring artistic collaborations between the Rozelle Artist Guild and the scientists of St Jude Research Hospital, I was appalled.

How could doctors and medical scientists be party to such a dysfunctional display of sheer creativity?

When I rushed to the outbreak to intervene, the place was packed with victims, art-traffickers, and other future patients, all desperate for medical attention.

After a long and expensive course of treatment, I have nearly dislodged the exhibit from its nest at Marshal Art Gallery, but after a closing festivity on Saturday, July 15 it will be on the loose for the rest of the month, looking for new locations to infest.

Be wary my patients, inspect your homes regularly to ensure that this collection has not snuck in through an open window or unsecured door. Remember well the lessons of that classic horror film The Accidental Art Room.

I will monitor this situation closely and keep you apprised of any future sightings on Facebook and Twitter.

In the meanwhile, familiarize yourself with this threat at the Art of Science website and with even more disturbing images in the patient gallery.

The closing party starts at 6pm at Marshal Arts.

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