Zombies Collect 500 Pounds of Food for Food Bank

Dr Tobbogans blocks zombies as they donate foodIn some cities, the life of a zombie is filled with simple pleasures – shuffling, groaning, having people over for lunch.

But not in Memphis.

Here, even formerly deceased citizens can’t seem to rest unless they are are helping the less fortunate.

Such was the case at the Fifth Annual Memphis Zombie March where the undead donated some five-hundred pounds of food and over two-hundred dollars in cash to the Mid-South Food Bank.

Even my most aggressive therapies did little to curb their undead do-goodery.

Thankfully, with the annual zombie migration over, we shouldn’t be seeing any more of these inhuman humanitarians until next year. But you should still be wary of the Mid-South Food Bank and their ongoing collection efforts, lest you too be snared by their wiley ways.

See more pictures of the Memphis Zombie March in the patient gallery.

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