Doctor Harold Toboggans is a man of rare and stunning genius, gifted beyond the normal scope of human intellect.
As a renowned psychiatric therapist, he has consulted on the world’s most challenging cases, treating an international clientele of executives, statesmen, and even zombies.

But in Memphis he encountered the most daunting challenge of his career.
Haorld Toboggans protesting greed outside Oak Court Mall
Here, in a place historically known for poverty, violence and racial mistrust – he found hope. He found it in artists and volunteers, dreamers and social entrepreneurs, all courageously investing themselves in the future of a city beginning to blossom.
And it moved him…
To professional disgust.
So, harnessing his vast experience and staggering intellect, Doctor Toboggans has set out to rehabilitate the do-gooders of Memphis, determined to wean them away from the temptations of hope and civic engagement, returning them instead to a healthy dependence on government, apathy, and continued therapy bills.

Here at his headquarters you will find a one-stop guide to indentifying and avoiding all that is good in Memphis, complete with videos, podcasts, and other reports on the do-gooders themselves and the doctor’s continuing attempts to cure them.